Grass Cutter Katana PR 328

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03 May 2023
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Grass Cutter

Specification of Grass Cutter Katana PR 328

Grass Cutter for Sale

Katana PR-328 helps you to cut your grass, trim the plants, even it can tidy the yard up. We have several varians of low-priced grass cutter with our best quality guarantee. We offers 2 types of grass cutter you can choose according to your needs, named 2-stroke engine and 4-stroke engine. Katana PR-328 has been proven its effective for triming your plants. Katana PR-328 is the right choice for those of you who need high-quality grass cutter with affordable prices.

Katana PR-328 is one of the 2-stroke engine grass cutter. It requires gasoline and oil to turn it on. Katana PR-328 is more durable than other grass cutter which is rely on batteries as a source of engine energy. Moreover, Katana PR-328 has 255 mm blade length, it’s equal to 25.5 cm to reach a wider area of ​​grass cutting. By using a Katana PR-328, you can mow your lawn faster, easier, and more efficient.

Further information about Grass Cutter Katana PR-328 (include specification and price), please visit us at 36 Kembang Jepun St., Surabaya.  In addition to, you can contact us by live chat now.

Specification of Grass Cutter Katana PR-328

Engine type                 : 1E36FB - 2 stroke engine

Discharge capacity    : 30.5 cc

Blade length               : 255 mm

Cutting width              : 415 mm

Fuel tank capacity      : 0.8 L

Carburetor type          : Float

Weight                          : 11 kg

Dimension                   : 27 x 24 x 36

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