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Alternator for Sale in Surabaya

An alternator is an electromechanical device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. The alternator consists of several components, including the rotor, stator, diode or rectifier, alternator house, fan, and pulleys. The rotor acts as a producer of magnetic fields, the stator is used to produce alternating electric flow, the rectifier or diode serves as a barrier to the electric flow, the alternator house serves as a stator rotating place, the fan is useful to keep the component’s temperature in the alternator, while the pulle serves to move or continue the rotating power from the engine to the rotor and determine the ratio of engine rotation speed with alternator rotation.

Alternators are often used for electric generator source. CV. Akor Diesel as the most complete and leading engine vendor in Indonesia provides various types of alternators that you can choose according to your needs. We sell 3000 to 50,000 Watt alternators with reliable after-sales service. Contact us or visit our store to get our latest product information.

Stone Crusher Distributor
Jaw crusher is a kind of stone crushing machine that is widely applied as a primary or secondary crusher. CV. Chord Diesel as a Distributor of Stone Breaking Machines for rough jaw crusher and fine jaw crusher in stationary or mobile variations. We are a Stone Crushing Machine Distributor, especially involved in the sale of stone crushing machines, grinding equipment and mineral processing machinery, integrating research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and after sales services.

Based on strong technology, complete scientific management methods and high product quality, Distributor of Stone Breaking Machines CV. Chords Diesel has quickly grown into an important production and export base for stone crushing machines that are widely applied in the global mining and construction industry. So if you are looking for a distributor of our stone crushing machines CV. Akor Diesel sells various types of stone grinding machines, please choose according to your needs.

Diesel Generator Distributor
CV. Akor Diesel devotes itself as a Distributor of Diesel Generators to the design, manufacture, sale and service of diesel generators, providing customized & market-oriented quality generators and related products to all customers. In addition to providing open and closed standard units, we as a Diesel Genset Distributor are very committed to operating units as power plants and providing electricity to the national grid as a whole.

Sell ​​Genset Surabaya
The industry track has been structured to offer maximum performance and accessibility during maintenance operations, at both professional and individual levels. The products in this line stand out because of their high effectiveness and to guarantee reliable and efficient supplies. As a Distributor of Diesel Generators, our diesel generators can be used in housing, tourism, industry, agriculture, and various other purposes. We sell high quality Genset Surabaya.


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